Life Stages

Change is a part of life. When you pass a milestone or life takes a turn, you're often faced with the question "what should I do now?". We're here to help to you enter this new chapter with confidence.  Within each milestone we've consolidated benefits and resources you might want to consider or take action during this time.

In many cases, with a big milestone, you have the opportunity to adjust your benefits coverage outside of annual enrollment to help support your differing well-being needs.


Life at Northrop Grumman

Joining Northrop Grumman

Need to Make Changes To Your Benefits?

Planning to Retire

Leaving the Company

Meaningful Milestones

Getting Married

Buying Something Big

Growing Your Family 

Navigating Parenthood

The Unexpected

Facing Health Challenges

Separating From Your Partner

Death of  A Loved One

Natural Disaster Support
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