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Getting Married

Marriage is a life milestone that comes with a lot of changes, including your benefits options. You can make changes to certain benefits within 31 days of your marriage on NetBenefits otherwise you’ll need to wait until the next annual enrollment period.

You can add your spouse, children, and/or stepchildren to your benefits. In states that recognize common-law marriage, this event may include common-law unions.Please note, if you add a dependent to coverage, you will be required to provide documentation that proves eligibility for each dependent.

Review the benefits information below to see your options after this life milestone.

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Changes Allowed

Medical, Dental and Vision Plans

  • Add spouse to coverage
  • Add children and stepchildren to coverage
  • Newly elect coverage for self and dependents
  • Drop coverage if moving to spouse’s plan


Changes Allowed

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

  • Start or increase contributions

Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account

  • Start or increase contributions if you acquire newly eligible dependents
  • Stop or decrease contributions if your new spouse is not employed or makes a dependent day care FSA election under his or her plan.

You may want to review your beneficiaries anytime your personal situation may change. You can change your optional life insurance and disability at any time, but any new coverage may require evidence of health.