NEW FOR 2024: Delta Dental plans will cover fluoride treatments for all plan participants

Currently, Delta Dental plans only include fluoride treatments for children enrolled in Northrop Grumman dental coverage. Starting in 2024, these treatments will now be included for ALL Delta Dental plan participants, including adults.

Northrop Grumman offers several dental options for you to choose from. Preventive care is covered at 100% under all options.

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Most employees have four dental PPO options to choose from: Dental Care Platinum, Dental Care Plus, Dental Care, and Preventive Care. All four plans are administered by Delta Dental. Similar to a medical PPO plan, the Delta Dental PPO plan options provide a higher level of benefit coverage when you visit an in-network dentist. Delta Dental offers covered employees several tools and resources, including the SmileWay Wellness Center.

You won't receive an ID card from Delta Dental, as an ID card isn't required to obtain services. However, if you wish, you can access and print an ID card on thet Delta Dental website or register online and add the card to your digital wallet.

View the Annual Enrollment Guide for detailed information about the coverage available under each Delta Dental PPO option.

The Cigna DHMO Dental Care Access Plan (a dental HMO option) is available in some areas. If you enroll in this plan:

  • You must select a Cigna dentist that participates in the Cigna DHMO Dental Care Access Plan Network.
  • You won't receive coverage if you access care without a referral from your primary dentist.
  • You pay a copay and the plan pays the remainder.

Review the Cigna DHMO Dental Care Access Plan Patient Charge Schedule, which lists the benefits of the dental plan including covered procedures and patient charges.

The Cigna Global Dental Plan is available to U.S.-based employees working abroad (and their eligible dependents).