Short-term Disability (STD)

If you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury, disability coverage can provide the financial security you need while you recover. Short-term disability (STD) benefits are designed to provide you with income for up to 26 weeks if you are absent from work due to illness or injury. Most non-represented employees (and some represented employees) are covered by the STD Plan described below*.

The short-term disability plan covers:

Note: You must be continuously disabled through your elimination period to receive benefits. The elimination period is:

This benefit is 100% paid for by the company.

*This STD plan does not apply to Aeronautics Systems Strategic Business Units, Baltimore represented employees, Sunnyvale represented employees, and Bacchus represented employees. Union employees should review their CBA for more details.

**There may be an elimination period before you are eligible for benefits. Please refer to the Northrop Grumman Summary Plan Description for more details about how the elimination period applies to your STD.