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Early Career

The decisions you make early in your career can make a big difference later. Read on for some practical tips and suggestions to make the most of your early career decisions.

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Your Medical Plan Choice

Think about the medical plan that makes the most sense for you. Are you relatively healthy, don’t plan to visit the doctor often and want to keep your premium costs down?  You may want to consider the Low Premium/High Deductible Plan and pair it with a Health Savings Account, which allows you to save pre-tax money to pay for eligible expenses tax-free. Or, depending on where you live, Kaiser HMO might also make sense. For more information on the Northrop Grumman medical plan options, click here.

The ALEX® benefits tool can help you choose your “best-fit” medical plan based on your information. Employees who have enrolled in ALEX’s recommended plan are often pleasantly surprised at the value and savings of taking ALEX’s advice. ALEX is available on NetBenefits.

Telemedicine Virtual Visits

LiveHealth Online uses two-way video chat to connect you with doctors over the Internet. You don't need to schedule an appointment, drive to the doctor's office and wait for your appointment. You don't even have to leave your home. Doctors can answer your questions, diagnose and even prescribe basic medications if you need them. Visit LiveHealth Online to learn more.

Enjoy discounts from more than 60 national partners via Beneplace, including discounts on consumer products, electronic equipment, travel and entertainment, among other products and services.

Learn more about Beneplace and the discounts available to you.

The EdAssist program offers free continuing education advice and tuition savings at accredited schools. For more information on how the program works, visit the EdAssist page.

The Northrop Grumman Employee Discount Store provides a number of student loan refinancing options. Go to Employee Discounts and search “student loans” to see what’s available.

Additionally, you can meet 1:1 with experts to discuss student loan repayment strategies by contacting College Coach. Visit Bright Horizons to learn more.

Let NGCare’s Guidance Resources do the work for you! Save hours of research on everyday life issues, including finding a home, apartment, movers, home cleaning service, repair and maintenance pros, resources during emergencies, disabilities support resources, veteran and expatriate transitions support, travel, event planning, shopping and consumer information.

Save on your medical costs by participating in the My Well-being Incentive program. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a $500 well-being incentive (if enrolled in most medical plans) if you complete an annual physical and health risk assessment
  • Get another $500 if your enrolled spouse gets an annual physical and completes the assessment
  • If you enroll in one of the high-deductible health plans, you receive the incentive as a contribution to an HSA 
  • If you're not eligible to contribute to an HSA or don’t enroll in an HSA-eligible plan, you'll receive the incentive as a premium credit

For more information, read the Wellbeing Incentives FAQs.

Note: Not available to Baltimore/Sunnyvale Union.

At Northrop Grumman we understand that employees sometimes require flexibility in their work schedules. Our Flex Work policies allow you to set flexible hours if you have a midday appointment, child care needs or otherwise need to spend time away from work. Eligible employees can also enroll in the 9/80 work schedule, which consists of working eight 9-hour days, one 8-hour day, and getting one day off in a 4-week period. Parental leave is also available for both parents for up to two weeks.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid Time Off (PTO) is an accrued, vested benefit based on your years of service and can be taken for vacation, sick days or for other personal reasons such as waiting for a repair technician at home, attending a child’s school activities or participating in community events.

Paid Time Off eligibility is subject to applicable collective bargaining agreement(s), if any, to all union employees.