Always a Helping Hand

Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed, knowing you need help but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve all been there and know just how difficult it can be to acknowledge the need and then take action to seek and receive help.  

Whether you need support for yourself, a partner, child, elder or a pet – Northrop Grumman is here to help you thrive. Check out the programs, resources and tools below. 

Support for Stress, Anxiety and More

When life’s challenges start to get you down, know you’re not alone. Our NGCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here for you 24/7, offering someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. Call 800-982-8161 to speak with a Guidance Consultant who can answer your questions and offer resources like:  

Family Care Support 

We know you have responsibilities outside of the workplace and we want you to be able to bring your best self to work. That’s why we offer child, elder and family care programs and resources.  

To get started, take advantage of an expert consultation with a work/life professional through NGCare. Call 800-982-8161 to speak with a specialist who will research your needs and create a customized information package tailored to your request. Then, explore our Bright Horizons family care program offerings below: 


Written by: Mackenzie Reulein  

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