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Social Well-being

Spending time connecting with friends and family can help build and strengthen positive relationships, social stability and community connectivity. Social Well-being often includes social support, volunteering, engaging in social activities, and meeting like-minded people.


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Expand your community, stay connected and meet people across the company.  Join an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for networking, community outreach, professional and personal development and recruiting. Learn more.

Northrop Grumman Foundation’s Social Justice Campaign supports social justice, unity and equality. Real change starts with understanding, and to achieve that we need to listen and be open to having tough conversations. We launched a portal with resources to help and encourage employees to engage with each other.

Volunteering is a great way to meet and network with other employees, team build, and develop leadership skills. In addition, employees can support their favorite nonprofits and schools through charitable giving.

We leverage our diverse and inclusive workforce to achieve superior business results. Our mission is to expand diversity, equity and inclusion through a developed and engaged global workforce and workplace by building leadership capability and organizational capacity. Learn More.

Small Acts is a program that offers resources to make it it easier to engage with colleagues. When done with honesty and integrity, these small acts have the power to create inclusive relationships – characterized by mutual respect, acceptance and support of each other’s success. Learn More.

Celebrate internal and external awards, recognition and conference news and opportunities. Learn more about the Northrop Grumman’s recognition awards.

BRAVO to our Stars is an enterprise-wide recognition program that reinforces the company's commitment to motivating and rewarding our talented workforce. Through BRAVO to our Stars, you will find multiple ways to recognize your peers.

Our BRAVO to our Stars eRecognition makes it easy to recognize accomplishments, share appreciation, and celebrate the success and career milestone achievements of your teammates with eCards.  You may also earn Engage reward points by sending a BRAVO eCard.

From a quick "Thank you!" to acknowledgment for life events like birthdays, service anniversaries, and more, eCards take just a moment to send. Simply choose a design from the library, add a few words about what you appreciate, and send it off. Just remember not to include any proprietary company information.

For more information about the BRAVO to our Stars program, resources/FAQs, and other ways to recognize please visit the intranet homepage.