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Physical Well-being

Taking care of your body, understand and manage your health conditions, and thrive.  Physical health is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Simple lifestyle choices like regular exercise, good nutrition, and sleeping habits can help you manage and prevent diseases, and your ability to heal naturally. Our Northrop Grumman benefits give you access to health coaches and discounted gym memberships, and also offer an incentive program to reward you for your good behaviors, preventive care coverage at 100% and ongoing support to keep you on the right path.


Take control of your well-being with personalized advice and recommendations.

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Anthem members can access an expert team of doctors, nurses and researchers with personalized, one-on-one support to help you make medical decisions with confidence at no cost. ConsumerMedical can help you understand any medical condition and all available treatment options, get a second opinion and more.

Before you say "yes" to surgery, ConsumerMedical can help you weigh the risks, benefits and alternative treatment options that could work best for you. Even if you decide against ConsumerMedical's recommendation, you may qualify for a $400 prepaid card or $400 HSA contribution (provided by ConsumerMedical) if the service is used with respect to certain surgical decisions.

In accordance with privacy and security rules under HIPAA, the results of your consultation are never shared with Northrop Grumman. Contact ConsumerMedical at 888-361-3944, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time, or at To register, enter company code NGC.

Telemedicine, through LiveHealth® Online, allows you to visit with a board-certified doctor by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam for non-urgent services like pinkeye, a cold, the flu, a fever, rashes, infections, allergies or another common health condition. No appointments, no driving and no waiting at an urgent care center. Doctors are available 24/7 and, if it’s needed, they can send a prescription to your local pharmacy.

You can use LiveHealth® Online regardless of whether you’re enrolled in a Northrop Grumman medical plan.  Employees enrolled in an Anthem plan pay $10 per visit.  All others pay $59.

Therapists and psychologists are also available by appointment seven days a week, and costs vary depending on your medical plan and type of service. Go to to learn more.

Good choices you make about your health and lifestyle can have a big impact on your life – and on your health care spending. That’s why Northrop Grumman offers an incentive to get an annual physical – detecting changes to your health now can prevent bigger issues down the road.

Highlights of the Well-being Incentive

If you’re enrolled in a Northrop Grumman Health Plan medical plan*, you and your covered spouse or domestic partner may each earn a $500 well-being incentive in three steps.

  1. Complete a health assessment on Engage by Sept. 30
  2. Get an annual physical by Sept. 30 (or get a virtual check-up through Quest, but order the at-home kit through Engage by Aug. 1 to ensure it’s completed by Sept. 30)
  3. Verify activities show complete on Engage by Oct. 31

If you’re enrolled in a high-deductible health plan, you’ll receive the incentive as a contribution to your Fidelity HSA. If you're not eligible to contribute to an HSA or don’t enroll in an HSA-eligible plan, you'll receive the incentive in your paycheck as taxable income.

Kaiser plan participants must also accept Kaiser’s Wellness Program Agreement on by Sept. 30.

The Wellbeing Incentives FAQs provide more details including information about the annual physical requirement and virtual check-up options, the Engage Health Assessment and how you receive the incentive.

*Participants in the HMSA, Kaiser Hawaii and Tricare Supplement plans are not eligible for the well-being incentive. Baltimore and Sunnyvale-represented employees are eligible for the Annual Physical Incentive Program.  Review Annual Physical Incentive FAQs for program details

Everyone deserves a cheer team. A health coach is a wellness expert and supportive mentor who can motivate you to engage in positive health choices. From educational materials, to one-on-one sessions, your health coach is here to support you in your health goals.

Anthem and Kaiser Permanente members are eligible for health coaching. Customized plans and resources provide motivation and encourage you to make lifestyle changes for everything from weight management and physical fitness to chronic health conditions and smoking cessation. Members can speak to a health coach by calling the member services number on the back of their medical ID card.

There are several options available in accessing flu shots in 2021. 

All employees have the option to print the 2021 CVS flu shot voucher and redeem it at participating CVS Pharmacy locations, Longs Drugs®, Navarro® and CVS Pharmacy at Target. Review the voucher for additional instructions. The voucher is valid from Sept. 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. One voucher per employee. Family members are not eligible to use the voucher.

Onsite flu shot clinics are available at some Northrop Grumman locations. Click here for a list of flu shot clinic dates, locations and registration instructions. The immunization consent form may be found here.

If you’re enrolled in a Northrop Grumman medical plan, you and your enrolled family members can get flu shots at no cost from your health care provider or any location that accepts insurance, including many pharmacies. A flu shot is considered preventive care and is covered at 100% by your medical plan.  

For more details, view the frequently asked questions.

It's never too late to quit. Members of the Anthem and Kaiser health plans have access to smoking cessation programs that will support you as you transition to a new lifestyle, teaching you skills and techniques to successfully quit smoking. From educational materials to basic healthcare, this program may be exactly what you need to start living a healthier life.

Discounted pricing is available for you and your adult dependents who enroll in WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Digital or WW Digital + Workshops programs. And, if you meet program criteria, you can also be reimbursed for half the program cost. Discounts on additional weight management programs and fitness club memberships are also available through Beneplace.

Important: Enrolling in the WW program using the special Northrop Grumman discount code constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not register for the WW program using the special Northrop Grumman discount code.

To sign up, visit the WW registration site and enter the following Northrop Grumman discount code: Employer ID: 63219 

For questions about the WW program, please call WW at 866-204-2885 or view the FAQs here.

All reimbursement inquiries and requests must be sent from an email address to  View the reimbursement process FAQ here.

More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year, and it can be a challenge for the entire family. Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, understanding what to expect can help you cope.

Northrop Grumman offers several resources for you and your loved ones, including eight confidential counseling sessions per issue, per year, as well as access to a specialist who can research a wide range of daily living questions including home support, financial support, transportation and child/elder care.

ConsumerMedical Breast Cancer PDF

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed, check out the information and resources we have gathered on this page including services through your medical carrier and discounts on everything from supplies to weight management programs.

CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Plan Resources

Livongo for Diabetes Care Program

Livongo is a new approach to diabetes management. It is available to employees enrolled in a Northrop Grumman Anthem medical plan. Click here for the overview.

Diabetes Kit

If you are enrolled in the High Premium/Low Deductible, Medium Premium/Medium Deductible or Low Premium/High Deductible Plan, you will pay only one copayment for your diabetes medication and supplies by ordering all of your supplies at the same time in 90-day quantities and filling your order at a CVS Pharmacy® or through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy. Kits may include the following diabetes medications and supplies:

  • Insulin or oral medication
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Blood glucose test strips
  • Lancets and syringes

If filling at a CVS Pharmacy, please make sure the pharmacist processes the insulin or oral diabetes medication first. If the insulin or oral diabetes medication is not processed first, the copayment will apply to the other supplies.

If filling through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy, the pharmacists have been instructed to process the insulin or oral diabetes medication first. Each time you refill all or part of the diabetes kit, you will pay another copayment. The appropriate copayment will be based on the highest-cost diabetes medication, and any additional medications and supplies will be at no cost to you. A diabetes medication (insulin or oral) must be included in the kit for the savings to apply. If only supplies are ordered, the appropriate copayment would apply for each item. Blood glucose meters are not included in the diabetes kits.

Coaching and Support

Your medical carrier offers health coaching for preventing and managing diabetes. Learn more or sign in here if you are an Anthem member or here if you are a Kaiser Permanente member to access wellness coaching.

Diabetes and Your Emotional Health

Managing diabetes is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. With so much of the treatment plan on your shoulders — no one else can eat right and exercise for you — attitude and motivation are crucial. The better you cope emotionally, the better you will do at keeping blood sugar (glucose) under control and preventing complications. Visit the ComPsych website for more information and remember you can talk to a licensed counselor 24/7 by calling the NGCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) line at 800-982-8161.