Find the ideal balance between your work and personal life through programs and resources that support you in all facets of life.


Northrop Grumman offers programs designed to support eligible employees through all aspects of life. From education advice to refinancing a student loan, saving via employee discounts or learning how to manage personal finances, employees have access to a wealth of resources to balance their personal and professional needs. 

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BRAVO to our Stars makes it easy to recognize accomplishments, share appreciation, and celebrate the success and career milestone achievements of you and your teammates through eRecognition.

BRAVO to our Stars also celebrates service year anniversaries with a printed yearbook for an employee’s first year anniversary. Then, for every five-year milestone anniversary, an employee will receive a printed yearbook plus instructions on how to order a milestone award.

Through BRAVO to our Stars, managers can also recognize employees with on-the-spot cash awards.

Note: Eligibility rules apply.  Participation by represented employees is governed by their respective collective bargaining agreements. For questions about eligibility, represented employees should consult their labor relations point of contact..

We are pleased to offer an enterprise retirement recognition program for U.S. employees. Within six to eight weeks of an employee’s official retirement date, the employee will automatically receive a commemorative booklet in the mail. The booklet will acknowledge and thank the employee for their years of service with Northrop Grumman. The employee will be able to choose an award to celebrate the occasion.

No action is required on the part of an employee or their management for the retiree to receive the commemorative booklet.  However, management may customize and print a certificate for the retiring employee by visiting this link. Select “View” and “Slide Master” to edit.

Note: Eligibility rules apply. Participation by represented employees is governed by their respective collective bargaining agreements. For questions about eligibility, represented employees should consult their labor relations point of contact..

Enjoy discounts from more than 60 national partners via Beneplace, including discounts on consumer products, electronic equipment, travel and entertainment, among other products and services.

Learn more about Beneplace and the discounts available to you.

Purchase newly branded Northrop Grumman merchandise at the online employee store. Individual and customized orders are available here.

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Employees have access to the managed account service through Fidelity. This optional service provides a fee-based professional investment management alternative for your 401(k) plan.

A team of Fidelity professionals will:

  • Propose an investment strategy aligned to your financial goals and needs,
  • Monitor your account investments, and
  • Make adjustments to your account investments as your life and market dynamics change — with the goal of helping you stay on track.

For more information, call the Planning and Guidance center at 800-894-4194 or click here.

The Group Legal Plan is available to most Northrop Grumman Health Plan participants and offers two coverage options:

Group Legal can only be elected within 31 days of hire or during annual enrollment. For more information, visit the Group Legal Plan website. You can also review this sheet comparing coverage under the two options.

It’s important to take time away from work to recharge, when you’re not feeling well or to schedule necessary appointments. Paid Time Off (PTO) is an accrued, vested benefit based on your years of service that offers compensation for time taken off from work. PTO can be taken for vacation, sick days or for other personal reasons such as waiting for a repair technician at home, attending a child’s school activities or participating in community events.

Paid Time Off eligibility is subject to applicable collective bargaining agreement(s), if any to all union employees.

Other forms of time off include:

  • Spending time with your family and friends during Holidays.
  • Fulfilling your civic duty through voting, jury duty or military leave.
  • Spending time with loved ones after a death in the family using bereavement. Northrop Grumman will make a donation in memory of lost loved ones.
  • Adjusting to life at home with a newborn utilizing maternity leave and parental leave.
  • Gaining additional time off with alternate work arrangements through Flexible Work Schedules (i.e. 9/80 work schedules). Review the Workplace Accommodations site for additional resources.
  • Giving back to the local community through volunteerism is a great way to meet and network with other employees, team build, develop leadership skills and learn about commitments the company has made to strengthen our communities.

Refinance your student loans at a lower rate and save with SoFi. On average, Sofi can save borrowers tens of thousands of dollars.

Visit SoFi for more information.

Receive a personalized, expert legal and/or financial consultation at no cost for 30-minutes per topic, per year. Additionally, Work/Life specialists can research topics to save you time and make your life easier when it comes to moving, locating child care, eldercare, home repairs, adoption support, personal growth and more. Call Work/Life Solutions, administered by ComPsych, at 800-982-8161.