Discover possible and uncover your potential through our career development and education assistance programs.

Career Development

We mean it when we say anything is possible at Northrop Grumman. With the immense scale and scope of our business, you can shape your career with diverse roles that expand your expertise, feed your curiosity, and fuel your passions.

No matter where you are in your career journey, the Career Development Hub, Northrop Grumman’s all-in-one platform for career planning, networking and professional development, is here to support you.

Partner with your manager to define possible in your career by exploring these resources and tools:

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Plan your career journey to reflect your interests, passions and professional goals with the help of a series of easy, actionable steps you can use and reuse, including ways to partner with your manager for productive career conversations.

Explore our industry-leading technical, leadership and functional development programs, as well as on-demand courses, videos, e-books, and “How Do I…” articles written by subject matter experts and validated by Northrop Grumman. Additionally, receive centralized access to our learning platforms such as My Learning Experience, Global Learning Exchange, Blue Ocean Brain, Workday, and sector and enterprise resources.

Discover resources to help you highlight your accomplishments and contributions, discuss career goals and aspirations and get feedback and coaching on development areas so you can unleash your full potential.

Connect and build professional relationships within and across our organization. Explore mentorships, Employee Resources Groups, and communities of practice.

Leverage Workday to showcase your skills, education, goals and contributions, and search for new roles all from one location.