Anthem will help you choose a high quality medical facility

Anthem plan members have access to the highest quality of specialty care with the Blue Distinction Specialty Care programs. Blue Distinction Specialty Care focuses on hospitals and other healthcare facilities that excel in delivering safe, effective treatment for specialty procedures, such as knee and hip replacements, cardiac care, bariatric (weight loss) surgery and transplants. Patients treated at Blue Distinction Specialty care facilities are proven to have better clinical outcomes and lower overall costs than patients treated by non-designated providers.

If you are in need of having any of these specialty procedures, it’s important to research the best facility for your situation. You save $1,000 for Bariatric Surgery, Knee & Hip replacement, Spine surgery and Cardiac care when you have your procedure at a Blue Distinction facility. In addition, if the nearest facility is more than 100 miles away, there is a travel benefit available to help.

Call Anthem at 800-894-1374 and speak with a health guide for assistance. A health guide can help you find a facility and connect you with a nurse if you have any questions about your care. For more information on Blue Distinction Speciality Care programs, click here.

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