Stay safe in the workplace

June is National Safety Month where we highlight the important ways our workplaces and communities can take measures to promote safety for everyone. Safety is a top priority for us every day, but this month we’re recognizing how the COVID pandemic has made it more important than ever to ensure our own safety and that of our co-workers by following proper work practices and ensuring that safety guidelines are followed.

Each week in June we’ll be sharing ways to be safe in the workplace. Specific themes include: preventing accidents; avoiding repetitive motion injuries in the office and in the industrial environment; how to report unsafe conditions; and growing the culture of safety here at Northrop Grumman through education and training to promote continuous improvement. Additionally, we will have two webinars during the month (June 9 and June 23) to discuss accident prevention and ergonomics.

Employees can stay engaged and find more resources by following the National Safety Month page on our intranet. 

Let’s partner together in June, and every month, to keep ourselves safe and ensure that we do all we can to prevent accidents in the workplace.

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