March is National Nutrition Month

When life gets busy, nutrition can often be the first thing to go. It takes some extra time, but planning ahead, making healthy food choices and being more active can add years to your life.

Start by making small changes to your meals and increasing your physical activity. You can do this by adding more vegetables to your plate for both lunch and dinner and increasing the minutes you walk in the day. But you don’t have to do this alone! Make sure you use the health coaching available through your insurance provider.

Health coaching for employees with Anthem:

Sometimes, making healthy choices doesn’t come easy. You may feel unsure about what to do. With Anthem, that‘s where MyHealth Coach comes in. Experienced health educators are available to help you and your covered family members take that next step or the first one. Plus, it’s a plan benefit you already have, so it won’t cost you a thing. Your health educator is standing by for confidential one-on-one phone support. Call Member Services at 800-894-1374 to start your health journey today!

Health coaching for employees with Kaiser Permanente:

Working with a wellness coach can help you to reach your goals with a personalized action plan and one-on-one support. You‘ll work with the same coach for your entire program, so they can get to know you and help you discover what works for you. Get started today by calling 866-862-4295, Monday through Friday, to make an appointment. Coaching is offered in English and Spanish, no referral is needed, and there’s no charge for Kaiser Permanente members. For more information, visit

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